TSVL-8 M3 Berserk

TSVL-8 М3 Berserk - a lightweight, compact rifle for hunting, sports, and special tasks

TSVL-8 М3 


Originally developed for special missions, in magnum and super magnum calibers, TSVL-8 M3 Berserk has proven itself to be an excellent rifle for hunting tasks.


Especially recommended to use where you need the power of magnum-calibers and at the same time the compactness, and, of course, the high precision of Lobaev Arms rifles.

Light and short

TSVL-8 M3 Berserk has a more lightweight body and shorter barrel length than a TSVL-8 М1 Stalingrad that is a basic model. Even having these modifications Berserk has an effective range of 1200 meters. 

Tactical and technical characteristics

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Specifications Values
Калибр: .338 LM\ .300 WM
Тех. кучность: 0,5 МОА
М.Э.Д.: 1200 м
Дульная скорость: 820 м/с
Длина ствола: 500 мм
Длина: 1110 мм (865 мм)
Высота: 190 мм
Ширина: 55 мм
Усилие спуска: 250-1200 г
Болт: правый
Порт: правый
Магазин: 5 мест
Крепление прицела: планка Пикатинни
Рабочий диапазон температур: -35/+55 С

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