How to buy Lobaev Arms rifles

Private person

1. You can come to Russia, to Lobaev Arms and pick up the rifle yourself. To do this, you will need to submit a request to your embassy that you can purchase weapons abroad. In this case, you do not need a carrier, because you can take the product on the plane as your luggage.
2. You can find a company (for example, a local gun store) to enter a supply contract with us (Lobaev Arms) to supply the products you are interested in. In this case, this company should take care of the paperwork and transportation. A company may request its commission, but you will not need to come to Russia on your own.
A private person, as well as a legal entity, can order at least one rifle or more.


Legal entity

If you are a legal entity, here is how we work:
1. After receiving an official request from your company, we sign a supply contract, when the rifles are manufactured, and the paperwork is done - we organize the transportation under the conditions in the contract.

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