SVLK-14S Twilight

SVLK-14S is the legendary ultra long-range record rifle.

Made for the top accuracy and range

The accuracy and range of this rifle sound almost unreal and yes, audacious. Its owners often display less than 0.2 MOA of a group of 5 shots with such a powerful cartridge as .408 Cheytac, which few people are able to force to shoot.


For 7 years already demonstrating record-breaking performance at ranges significantly exceeding the 2-kilometer limit – this is power, accuracy, and extreme range in your hands.

Hit over 2 kilometers? Easy!

A beautiful group for 2 and a half kilometers? Yes, with SVLK-14S this is available.


The new version of SVLK-14 has a reinforced multi-layer “sandwich” made of carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass, and is specially designed for use with such a powerful cartridge as Cheytac.

The receiver body is made of aviation aluminum with a threaded insert made of high-alloy corrosion-resistant steel. To further strengthen the design, a long aluminum chassis is integrated into the box. The bolt action is also made of solid corrosion-resistant steel.

Tactical and technical characteristics

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Specifications Values
Caliber: .408 CT, .375 CT
Precision: 0,4 МОА, 0,3 МОА
Effective range: 2300 m (.408 CT), 2700 m (.375 CT)
Muzzle velocity: 900+ m/s
Barrel length: 900 mm
Weight: 9700 g
Height: 200 mm
Width: 100 mm
Trigger pull: 250-1200 g
Bolt handle: right
Bolt action: right
Scope mount: STD Picatinny rail
Muzzle brake: T-tuner (4-port)
Operating temperature range: -35/+55 °C

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