Our aim was to design a rifle that outperforms all the other alternatives in accuracy and long-range capability in caliber 12.7x99 mm.


One action lets using of different calibers with different parent cases: 12.7х99 mm or .50 BMG and 12.7х108 mm


The model’s modularity provides versatility of use, increasing number of options for user. One of realizations of this quality is possibility to use ammunition at hand: can be .50 BMG and Russian fifty as well.


Range, accuracy, remoteness – are crucially important factors of active security – being outside of the combat radius of your opponent’s weapons, especially on the modern battlefield.

Sub 1 MOA accuracy outstands industry standards for this caliber.

Effective range of this large bore rifle DXL-5 is 2000+ meters.

Those with different rifles for 12.7х99 mm и 12.7x108mm calibers now can have only DXL-5 rifle.


Classic Lobaev Arms design.

Highly efficient 4-ports muzzle brake makes felt recoil pleasant.

Aircraft aluminum parts.

2 integrated picatinny rails on the top and bottom have 20 MOA incline. 

Picatinny rail lets mount different accessories bipods, thermal and night vision devices increasing number of options for a sniper or sniper group.


All the parts, folding mechanism included, are interchangeable for left and right sides. Whether to adapt for right or left hand is up to you.

Unique buttstock demfer mechanism significantly decreases felt recoil, making a shot very comfortable for this caliber. Buttstock is adjustable for Hight and length and foldable for convenient transportation.

Trigger mechanism with safety is adjustable from 500 to 1.500 grams.

Tactical and technical characteristics

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Specifications Values
Caliber: 12.7x99 mm/ 12.7x108 mm
Accuracy: sub 1 MOA
Maximum range: 2300+ m
Barrel length: 820 mm
Weight: 13000 g
Length: 1555 mm (1280 mm folded)
Height: 215 mm
Width: 110 mm
Trigger pull weight: 250-1200 g
Bolt: Right
Port: Right
Magazine: 5
Scope mount: Picatinny rail
Muzzle brake: T-tuner (4 ports)
Temperature range: -35/+55 C

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