DVL-10 M1 Saboteur

DVL-10 М1 Saboteur - modular, multi-caliber, lightweight, compact and silent rifle


DVL-10 rifles are modular and have three versions: M1 (presented here), M2 (with a forearm, DTC, and a long barrel), M3 (lightweight with a short barrel). This allows, if necessary, to choose a modification for the task and within a few minutes to apply the desired version.


With any choice of modification, the possibility of changing the caliber remains, which guarantees the interchangeability of barrels in any situation.


For service tasks and hunting.

What makes DVL-10 unique

3 different calibers can work on one bolt group due to the possibility to replace the barrel with another caliber.

Tactical and technical characteristics

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Specifications Values
Caliber: .338 Federal (8,6x51 mm)
Precision: 0,5 МОА
Maximum range: 800 m
Muzzle velocity: 300 m/s
Barrel length: 500 mm
Weight: 5600 g
Length: 1180 mm (925 mm)
Height: 175 mm
Width: 55 mm
Trigger pull: 250-1200 g
Bolt handle: right
Bolt action: right
Magazine: 5,10 round
Крепление прицела: планка Пикатинни
Модератор: LISS 2.0
Operating temperature range: -35/+55 °C

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