DVL-10 M1 Saboteur

DVL-10 М1 Saboteur - modular, multi-caliber, and silent rifle

Decreasing demasking factors system

This version is equipped with an original decreasing demasking factors system: thermal signature (which is one of the most common problems on the modern battlefield), flash, and the sound of noise. "Saboteur" is equipped with a carbon-fiber tube of special winding technology and a proprietary titanium suppressor of a special type that provides increased strength and survivability of the system, bringing it to the service life of the barrel. This system determines the features of the model's application-wherever increased stealth is needed, but also the accuracy inherent in Lobaev Arms rifles.

Accuracy and range

DVL-10 M1 with integrated titanium suppressor provides required characteristics with respect to accuracy to steadily hit targets within subsonic shooting range – 600 m and at a supersonic range up to 800 m.


"Saboteur" is developed for tasks requiring high-precision and escaping excess noise.

For service tasks and hunting.

"Saboteur" can be equipped by groups of special elite forces and reconnaissance units.

What makes DVL-10 unique

With any choice of modification, the possibility of changing the caliber remains, which guarantees the interchangeability of barrels in any situation.

3 different calibers can work on one bolt group due to the possibility to replace the barrel with another caliber.

Tactical and technical characteristics

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Specifications Values
Caliber: .338 Federal (8,6x51 mm)/ .308 Win.
Accuracy: 0,5 МОА
Maximum range: 800 m
Muzzle velocity: 300 m/s
Barrel length: 500 mm
Weight: 5750 g
Length: 1180 mm (914 mm)
Height: 175 mm
Width: 55 mm
Trigger pull: 250-1200 g
Bolt: right
Port: right
Magazine: 5,10 round
Scope mount: STD Picatinny rail
Muzzle brake: LISS 2.0
Operating temperature range: -35/+55 °C

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