DVL-10 Line

The DVL-10 is not only a multi-caliber but also a modular rifle in calibers: .308 Win/6.5-47 Lapua/.338 Fed. The rifle has three versions (M1 "Saboteur", M2 "Urbana", M3 "Wolfhound"), allowing you to adapt the DVL-10 for almost any hunting, sports, or sniper task within a few minutes.

The modularity of the DVL-10 allows closing the maximum number of shooting niches.

DVL-10 M1 Saboteur

This version is equipped with an original decreasing demasking factors system: heat signature (which is one of the most common problems on the modern battlefield), flash, and the sound of noise. "Saboteur" is equipped with a carbon fiber tube of special winding technology and a proprietary titanium suppressor that provides increased strength and survivability of the system. This system determines the features of the model's application - wherever increased secrecy is needed, but also the accuracy inherent in Lobaev Arms rifles.

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DVL-10 М2 Urbana

The M2 "Urbana" is a multipurpose rifle for sniping, hunting, and sports in medium calibers. It is ideal as a rifle for police and military sniping for inexpensive ammunition, and for some sports disciplines. The design is structurally built (length, contour, and steps of barrel rifling) for a significant range in the niche of medium calibers.

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DVL-10 M3 Woulhound

Compact and lightweight version of the DVL-10 without compromising the accuracy of the barrel and with minimal loss of range. It is suitable for mountain hunting and other operations that require low weight without significantly reducing the most important operational characteristics.

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