DXL Line

DXL line - models with unique characteristics in terms of range and accuracy. We could not attribute them to any of the existing classes of sniper weapons, so we initially created them as a separate class of counter-sniper rifles. In our understanding, the requirements for this class are higher, in comparison with classic sniper rifles, and are characterized by small target dimensions ("head"/"head-chest") and larger than usual shooting ranges, which is associated with the features and tasks of counter-sniper combat. DXL line rifles were developed to equip counter-sniper platoons of sniper companies.

DXL-3 Longstrike

Multi-caliber counter-sniper long-range rifle in magnum-calibers. It has unique characteristics, having the greatest range in the world industry (1800 m) in the .338 Lapua caliber among serial magazine rifles, which is at least 200 meters higher than the nearest foreign competitors.

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DXL-4M Sevastopol
Multi-caliber, counter-sniper, and ultra-long-range rifle for the Cheytac calibers (.375 and .408). It has unique characteristics, having the highest practical range in the industry (2300 and 2800 meters, accordingly).

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