Long-range sniper rifle DXL-2 “Harasser”

DXL is a unique long-range precision rifle built on an aluminium alloy frame. It has all the advantages of the classic design (hardness of the bedding compound). But at the same time it is made of aluminium that is highly appreciated by many shooters.

Due to this we are certain that we have took the best of the two systems. This rifle shows more than impressive precision and works very well in most extreme conditions.

Philosophy behind this model design is maximum possible range in a particular caliber.

In 2015 new restyling model '16 - DXL-2 Gen II is available (Link).

We have designed new 30mm shorter magazine bolt-action with magazine – DUKESS for this model. DUKE is a smaller version of KING action and part of Tsar-Cannon family of actions with all quality standards of this family.

The aircraft aluminum stock is very convenient and foldable for portability.

Our LOBAEV Hummer Barrels benchrest-grade stainless steel barrel completes the picture.  Standard (basic) contours are also recommended, but length is somehow more flexible than with TSVL.

Basic equipment:

  • Barrel contour - LG
  • Barrel length - 660 mm
  • Flutes - 6
  • Muzzlebrake - Integrated active muzzlebrake
  • Supressor  - none
  • NV/TV mount - STD Picatiny rail

Operational and technical characteristics:

  • Technical accuracy - 0.35 MOA\10.5 mm between centers(5 shots at 100m)
  • Maximum Effective Range (tested) - 1200 m
  • Muzzle velocity  - 900 m\s
  • Operational range (Temperature) - -45\+65 C
  • Caliber - 6.5-47 Lapua\308 Win
  • Length – 1050 mm (776 mm folded)
  • Height - 210 mm
  • Width - 43 mm
  • Weight - 5 500 g
  • Barrel length – 710\660\600 mm
  • Trigger pull – adj. 500-1500g
  • Bolt handle - right
  • Bolt action – right
  • Magazine – 5 rounds