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Here you will learn about the most advanced firearms to date.

We make top accuracy and long-range precision guns, including sniper, hunting and benchrest rifles.
LOBAEV Arms produces the most extreme range rifles in the world.
It is good old mother Russia where these fine weapons with the brand «LOBAEV Arms» come from. From Russia with love.

Ultra- and Long range sniper rifles*

*all our rifles are certified as sporting/hunting guns. 
  And yes, we do export. Ask for prices and terms.

  • SVLK-14S Twilight — Ultra Long-range model is the only and one-of-a-kind rifle, showing outstanding capabilities at ranges well exceeding 2000m
  • DXL-3 Longstrike — Long-range sniper rifle on aircraft aluminum chassis that has accuracy rivaling the best benchrest rifles and yet BBgun recoil
  • DVL-10 Saboteur — Spec-ops sniper rifle

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Tuning of sniper and hunting rifles SVL/OVL

  • Improving technical characteristics and the exterior of rifles.
  • Barrel change for SVL/OVL;
  • Barrel change for other manufacturers;
  • SVL upgrades (change older versions for newer versions: change rifle stock SVL 2009-2010 to 2014, bolt groups etc.);

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Warranty and post warranty services for SVL/OVL

  • Spare parts shipment for SVL/OVL (barrels, bolts, stocks, trigger mechanism etc.);
  • Warranty service;
  • Repair;
  • Fine tuning of all rifle components.

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Our magnificient support team

  • Weapons maintenance support(barrel cleaning, barrel seasoning, barrel exchange, tune-up etc);
  • Help on using the SNIPER PRO calculator;
  • Recommendations on using sniper equipment: weather meters, binoculars, rangefinders, NV, thermal scopes etc.

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Learning Long Range and Ultra LR sniping

To help you exploit all the potential of the SVL rifle (especially beyond 2000m range) we offer sharpshooting courses. The course includes two sections: basic (5/10 days) and advanced (3 and more days).

An advanced course will allow you to master the skills of reading the wind and "mirage" when shooting long ranges. You will also learn shooting in TUFF weather conditions at 1000+ meters and get skills to shoot ranges 2000+ meters, learn sniper tactics etc.

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Featured products

Tactical sniper rifle TSVL-8 “Stalingrad”

We like simple designs. But pure skeletons in our opinion are hard to make shooting small groups for several reasons. We believe our skeleton had to be built around at least some chassis. That’s how we’ve come up with concept of  SVL Tactical Sniper Vintovka Lobaev (TSVL). New action lays on small aluminum chassis providing at least some kind of dampening and helping to dissipate vibrations in a compound.
That way we know – we are getting most accuracy out of this kind of design.
The aircraft aluminum stock is convenient and foldable for portability.

The model is also produced in competition ("Contender") and special ("Black-Ops" - Link) versions.

Long-range sniper rifle DXL-3 “Longstrike”

DXL is a unique long-range precision rifle built on a unique modular aircraft aluminum frame. It has all the advantages of the classic design (hardness of the bedding compound). But at the same time it is made of aluminium that is highly appreciated by many shooters.

Due to this we are certain that we have took the best of the two systems. This rifle shows more than impressive precision and works very well in most extreme conditions.

Philosophy behind this model design is maximum possible range in a particular caliber.

With all that you don't have to solder retina when shooting .338 Lapua. Other rifles owners can be busy looking for good ophthalmologist, not you. The DXL-3 recoils is comparable to 6PPC or less and you can train as long as you want to. With no risk for your valuable health.

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Visiting Brabus. Part 2

2nd part of joined photosession Brabus and Lobaev Arms. 1st part is here.

This time we’d shot normal “civil” Brabus G700 models, and not MRAP camouflaged under Gelendwagens. Plus almost full line of Lobaev Arms models.

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Visiting Brabus. Part 2
  • Vlad and Lobaev Arms, thank you! Rifle parameters exceed my expectations. Thanks to you, precision shooting has become a part of my life.

    Mike Mostovoy
    Mike Mostovoy
    Precision shooting fan
  • Vladislav Lobaev made my old dream come true – to influence objects at a distance. And thanks to the products under the brand Lobaev Arms now I can do that at quite a long distance 🙂

    Victor Brico
    Victor Brico
    SVL rifle owner