About us

Lobaev Arms is a company formed by the team of «Tsar-Cannon» — the leading Russian manufacturer of highly accurate long range sniper rifles, totally unique in its class.

What we do

The uniqueness of Lobaev Arms products is based on the unmatched highest characteristics, primarily precision and effective range. This is the key feature of all our products and it is paid great attention to. The team ideology that has helped bring this to life, we call it «benchrest mentality».

Benchrest mentality

«Benchrest mentality» is a state of mind or, if you wish, a very special creative environment where a team of perfectionists remain in the process of constant development and implementation of ideal craftsmanship tecniques.

But even more important is that Lobaev Arms team is continually developing everyday with a single big goal — deliver the best weapons in the world. These fine weapons combine best Western technology and good ol’ Russian reliability and foolproof design, getting as an outcome unsurpassed precision, range and functionality.

Our team

Lobaev Arms specialists form an effective team to provide you with the most advanced weapons in the world.

Vlad Lobaev Profile Image

Vlad Lobaev

Chief designer / Founder

The founder of “Tsar-Pushka”, the KBIS design bureau and the «Lobaev Arms» brand.
Mr. Vladislav Lobaev is the first private gun manufacturer of precision weapons in Russia.

Nick Lobaev Profile Image

Nick Lobaev

Director / Co-founder

Mr. Nikolay Lobaev organized he first in Russia benchrest shooting competitions in 2003-2005. He is one of the founders of National Benchrest Association in Russia.

Our history

We were at the forefront of the benchrest shooting in Russia.
We have developed first Russian high precision rifle.
We have developed precision combat arms for the United Arab Emirates Army.
We create the best weapons in Russia for the whole world.

Vladislav Lobaev with his instructor, Speedy Gonzales

Vlad Lobaev with his mentor and friend, Thomas “Speedy” Gonzales

Vladislav Lobaev presents his rifle at the IDEX roadshow

Vlad Lobaev presents his rifle at the IDEX show

Our achievements

From the start of production in 2005, our rifles have won many prizes at international and national shooting championship, including the most technology demanding – benchrest shooting.

Australian 1000 Yard National Record

Well before «Tsar-pushka» we had tried out some new principles of highly accurate long range shooting. As a result of this we got Australian 1000 yard National Heavy Gun record (10 shots) – 13.5 cm  (5.3 inches).

These small inventions have also resulted in the 1 Mile Championship win in 2004 in the US, which is still the longest shooting competition worldwide.

In this very contest we used .408 Cheytac – the cartridge, which would later on both «Tsar-pushka» and LOBAEV Arms rely on.

World Benchrest Championship 2005 (USA)

Our rifles have won the silver medal (HV class) at the World Benchrest Championship 2005 (USA).
Silver medal (HV class) at the World Benchrest Championship 2005 (USA)

European Benchrest Championship 2008

Also on the first try our rifles did receive 2 golden titles (2-GUN and HV Class) at European Benchrest Championship in 2008 (Sweden).
And these were not the only victories…

World Record

In 2015 we set the World Record in long-distance rifle shooting – 3400 meters.


The World record in long-distance shooting for 3400 meters have proved once again our rifles’ leadership under LOBAEV trademark among best long-range weapons’ examples produced under other reputed world brands.


Video by LIFE News crew on breaking the World record on long-distance rifle shooting for 3400 meters.

Read article about the World record on long-distance rifle shooting.

Our clients

Our clients choose a LOBAEV rifle systems for its long-range capability and high accuracy (0.2 MOA).

Long range shooting and hunting enthusiasts.

FSO (SBP), FSIN and other russian special task force squads.

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