For those of you who don’t know, We  are in the preparation process to the сейчас new world record for a longest ever shot. Preliminary range is set as 3600 meters.  Previous  Russian record (3400meters) was beaten by American shooter (3475m). Now, it’s our turn. 

First video is supposed to cover weapons choice issues. We got two options to shoot new record: SVLK-14 “Twilight” и DXL-4 “Sevastopol”. Both in .408 Cheytac.

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All week there were rainfalls and storm wind was blowing. On 9 April 2015 the weather forecast promised the only sunny day when it was decided to make an attempt in setting a new world record on the firing range.

The Lifenews film crew, called to capture the event, arrived in the extended format. The guys have been set very seriously: armed with 6 cameras and quadrocopter and all this was managed by the head director of the channel.

On arrival everything was ready. Let me remind you: as a weapon we used custom version of SVLK-14 C  with the following differences from the basic one: