For those of you who don’t know, We  are in the preparation process to the сейчас new world record for a longest ever shot. Preliminary range is set as 3600 meters.  Previous  Russian record (3400meters) was beaten by American shooter (3475m). Now, it’s our turn. 

First video is supposed to cover weapons choice issues. We got two options to shoot new record: SVLK-14 “Twilight” и DXL-4 “Sevastopol”. Both in .408 Cheytac.

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Rifle: SVLK-14S 408 Cheytac

Range: 2405 yards

We were comparing felt recoil on new T-tuner 7-port version (T5.2) with new 4-port one (T6.1).

First with T5.2. (All videos have English subtitles – turn on).

Then with T6.1.

After transition there was a significant reduction of felt recoil. It felt shorter and softer. There was almost no change in POI, due to equal mass of both tuners.

It did go with no significant change of other ballistic characteristics.

All in all, shooting with the new tuner left really great feelings. Now, from shooting with 408CT you can have not only soul

Russian weapons manufacturer Lobaev Arms’ DXL-3 rifle outperformed its German rival, the DSR-1, during a duel between Russian and German manufacturers conducted in honour of the 70th Victory Day anniversary in the Kaluga region of Russia, Tuesday.

Brief translation: Line 1: “What’s with temperature?… We will start our shooting tests today at 1000 meters, then we will continue at 1600m, and then we will take DSR-1 to 1700 or 1800 meters depending on what exactly range we can find here, on this field. And then we’l see. I guess at those ranges it will deflate, successfully. But ours still will

For a long time we have wanted to make a comparison of these two rifles: DSR-1 in 338 Lapua and our DXL-3. And then there’s the eve of Victory Day, we received a call from Russia Today guys who asked whether we plan something interesting to this date. When we said, “We were somehow going to compete with the best in the German rifle away,” the reaction on the other end was like – “With German one??? Yeah, that’s just what we need!!!”.

In fact, I know that rifle very well and it is really bad (in a good sense).