Video and photo session of Top Russian boxers & Lobaev Arms.
Credits to: Boxing Promotion Company «World of Boxing» and «QWEEX» Creative Association.
Personal thanks to Andrey Ryabinsky

Private gun manufacturers that can create high-quality, efficient and high-precision weapon systems without multimillion-dollar infusions of public money in Russia can be counted on your fingers. Even fewer of them companies that are able to produce weapons with well above average characteristics, not to mention truly outstanding examples.

Rifles, raised on a private arms manufacture by Lobaev family, which started as family operation somewhere in the Kaluga region has long been beyond the normal sniper weapons. As they say in such cases in Russia: “The firm does not breed the brooms”. Modern high-precision sniper systems «Lobaev Arms» no longer

For a long time we have wanted to make a comparison of these two rifles: DSR-1 in 338 Lapua and our DXL-3. And then there’s the eve of Victory Day, we received a call from Russia Today guys who asked whether we plan something interesting to this date. When we said, “We were somehow going to compete with the best in the German rifle away,” the reaction on the other end was like – “With German one??? Yeah, that’s just what we need!!!”.

In fact, I know that rifle very well and it is really bad (in a good sense).

All week there were rainfalls and storm wind was blowing. On 9 April 2015 the weather forecast promised the only sunny day when it was decided to make an attempt in setting a new world record on the firing range.

The Lifenews film crew, called to capture the event, arrived in the extended format. The guys have been set very seriously: armed with 6 cameras and quadrocopter and all this was managed by the head director of the channel.

On arrival everything was ready. Let me remind you: as a weapon we used custom version of SVLK-14 C  with the following differences from the basic one:

 Serene winter morning, February 19, 2015 Russia Today crew visited our facility.

After filming of the assembly process and a pair of stand-ups, we went to test a new version of SVLK-14S rifle, after some changes designed to optimize performance at ranges over 2000m.

Optimization touched barrel length, muzzle brake and case preparation process. Also the day before we test fired our new solids at 100 meters that proved to be pretty good. It was decided to not fire them at 2000m yet, not to interfere for the purity of the experiment. On them we will write separately. Shooting was conducted as before,

Two kilometers is normal distance limit for sniper fire. Realistic cases of successful target engagement at these distances are known, but they have more luck than the real capabilities of modern sniper systems. SVL was originally designed to break through this barrier, turn direct hit on a two-kilometer distance in a guaranteed result. And their task is completed successfully. But there is no such a good rifle, which could not have been made better, and the new model – SVLK-14C – the example. About it, its history and possible future – this article.

The unofficial world record for the longest effective sniper shot –