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Fine tuning sniper and hunting rifles

  • Improving separate technical characteristics and the exterior of rifles.
  • Exchange barrel for SVL/OVL;
  • Exchange barrel for other manufacturers;
  • Modernization of rifle components (change older versions for newer versions: change rifle stock SVL 2009-2010 to 2014, bolt groups etc.); Photo: Upgrade of OVL-3 ’08 on classic stock to DXL-3 ’15.

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Guarantee and post-guarantee services for SVL/OVL

  • Spare parts shipment for SVL/OVL (barrels, bolts, stocks, trigger mechanism etc.);
  • Warranty repair;
  • Repair;
  • Fine tuning.

Photo: Restocking OVL. Old classic ’08 to the new K-14 ’15.


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Technical support

  • Weapons handling support (barrel cleaning, barrel seasoning, barrel exchange, tune-up etc);
  • Help on using the SNIPER PRO calculator;
  • Recommendations on using sniper equipment: weather meters, binoculars, rangefinders, NV goggles, thermal scopes etc. .

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Learning long range sharpshooting

The SVL rifle is a precision tool offering a wide range of options. In able hands, it can allow doing things that are considered a miracle even by world-level sharpshooters. To help you envelop all the potential of the SVL rifle (especially when exceeding 2000m range) we offer sharpshooting courses. The course includes two sections: basic (5/10 days) and advanced (3 and more days).

Passing the advanced course will allow you to master the skills of reading the wind and the “mirage” when shooting at high ranges. You will learn also the shooting in hard weather conditions at 1000+ meters and receive skills to shoot ranges 2000+ meters, learn sniper tactics etc.

We also propose special courses on learning sniper equipments such as: night vision sights and goggles, thermal visors, subsonic ammunition.

Location: long range shooting range in Moscow region. Sniper tactics and short range (below 300 m) – in Kaluga region.



Team of instructors: the most experienced “polite people”.

Result: after passing our course or even a part of it, you will realize that you really wouldn’t want to be in the boots of the “bad guys” in the sight of your SVL rifle.

For better learning we offer you a book “The Sharpshooting” by Vladislav Lobaev. The Sharpshooting by Vladislav Lobaev

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