Tactical sniper rifle TSVL-8 “Stalingrad”

We like simple designs. But pure skeletons in our opinion are hard to make shooting small groups for several reasons. We believe our skeleton had to be built around at least some chassis. That’s how we’ve come up with concept of  SVL Tactical Sniper Vintovka Lobaev (TSVL). New action lays on small aluminum chassis providing at least some kind of dampening and helping to dissipate vibrations in a compound.
That way we know – we are getting most accuracy out of this kind of design.
The aircraft aluminum stock is convenient and foldable for portability.

The model is also produced in competition ("Contender") and special ("Black-Ops" - Link) versions.

Special sniper rifle DVL-10 “Saboteur”



This model is an evolution of TSAR-CANNON model of 2009. Lightweight, compact and silenced rifle in proprietary and current Russian military subsonic calibers has been developed for special missions where accuracy and range are needed.  Current models in use on the market were not up to our accuracy and range expectations. This is how we came up with the idea of DVL.




Light tactical sniper rifle DVL-10 М2 “Urbana”

DVL-10 М2 is a version of the DVL-10 rifle. This is a light tactical sniper rifle for many applications.

Portable and fairly lightweight, DVL-10 М2 may be a good urban or a police sniper rifle, but as well will fit the highest military or special forces demands - everywhere where good mobility and the highest LOBAEV accuracy are needed.

As a light and high-precision weapon, the M2 rifle can be used for sporting purposes.

For special tasks, the DVL-10 M2 is easily transformed into suppressed DVL-10.