Weapons choice

For those of you who don’t know, We  are in the preparation process to the сейчас new world record for a longest ever shot. Preliminary range is set as 3600 meters.  Previous  Russian record (3400meters) was beaten by American shooter (3475m). Now, it’s our turn. 

First video is supposed to cover weapons choice issues. We got two options to shoot new record: SVLK-14 “Twilight” и DXL-4 “Sevastopol”. Both in .408 Cheytac.


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  • Louis

    Good Day Vlad,
    I look forward to you all breaking the “new” record put up by Benjamin (French Army Office). He surpassed the USA guy already 🙂

    • I understand that gentlemen take a word just like in cards, but If you know the guy personally tell next time to videotape his attempts )) And better yet , provide some ballistic info, a least general.