SVLK-14S – timeless classics for setting world records

Two kilometers is normal distance limit for sniper fire. Realistic cases of successful target engagement at these distances are known, but they have more luck than the real capabilities of modern sniper systems. SVL was originally designed to break through this barrier, turn direct hit on a two-kilometer distance in a guaranteed result. And their task is completed successfully. But there is no such a good rifle, which could not have been made better, and the new model – SVLK-14C – the example. About it, its history and possible future – this article.

The unofficial world record for the longest effective sniper shot – 2.475 meters. In reality, the vast majority of snipers work at a much shorter ranges; effective shooting at distances of more than a mile demands both personal skills and specialized weapons systems of the highest accuracy level that for the overwhelming number of military shooters is simply not available. In contrast, for a considerable number of benchrest and varmint enthusiasts hunting distance “two kilometers” is not something extraordinary (shot record performance in the same Varmint hunting, for example, 2858 m). Regular practice shooting at ultra-long frontiers helped LOBAEV Arms to accumulate vast experience in the field of ULR rifles. And it is this experience became the solid foundation on the basis of which the SVL project was implemented, as a result of the evolution of which is a 2014 model – SVLK 14S.

How you can guess, the index “14” in the name of the new model stands for a year of development, and SVL – a “Sniper Vintovka (rifle) of Lobaev.” But what does the rest of the letters mean? The letter “K” – the action name, King v.3. This version of the action SVL consists of an aircraft aluminum receiver with a hardened stainless steel insert. This combined design can significantly increase the receiver bedding area necessary for mounting needed barrels contours, while keeping the final weight of the weapon at an acceptable level (9.600 g). Big recoil lug provides positive receiver stop and allows, in turn, extend stock life designed to withstand the recoil and vibration of the heavy-duty cartridge, as .408 CheyTac is.

Index “C” at the end of the abbreviation name – is referring to the Single: model SVLK-14C has been and remains a single-shot. This ensures sufficient rigidity of the King receiver through keeping slots and ports number to minimum, and, as a consequence, a high level of accuracy. In addition, this design makes switching calibers easily, all you have to do is change barrel and bolt if you need different boltface, and now you ready to shoot, for example, in .338 Lapua Magnum. However, progress does not stand still; possible in the foreseeable future Lobaev Arms will introduce a new version of SVLK with magazine King version, which is already reserved for the index “M”. Also options with King microport or dual port version are being considered.

SVLK-14C stock has undergone major changes. The main one is hidden inside a complex “sandwich” of carbon-Kevlar-fiberglass – aluminum rail through almost the entire length of the stock, giving it additional rigidity and more uniform distribution of loads. The external stock shape has also changed, adjusting to the contours of the King receiver, but the eye is primarily attracting to shiny black “scales” of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber stock is not a tribute to modern fashion, but rather it increases the component rigidity and effectively dampens vibration, thereby directly affecting the rifle accuracy.

When you take SVLK-14S into your hands your feelings can be summed up in one word – “perfection”. In terms of ergonomics the stock shape is close to ideal  one – the rifle rests comfortably on the shoulder, and a spring-loaded “cheek” easily adapts to shooter. Despite its size and caliber this model is  organically closer to sporting guns, than to modern large-caliber sniper rifles suspiciously resembling WW2 anti-tank weapons. And the realization of fact that this elegant design can easily put a bullet into a target at 2,300 m, only adds the drive.

Claimed technical accuracy SVLK-14C – less than 0.4 MOA with five shots at a distance of 100 m. It should be noted: the technical accuracy of product Lobaev Arms is achieved in indoor range by a qualified shooter with a tuned load and can be demonstrated to a customer on demand.  Real life accuracy cases sometimes, especially for new ammunition with slow burning Russian “Sunar” powder, could be much better, reaching, according to personal shooters reports, achieving amazing for .408CT sub 0.2 MOA groups. However, for benchrest, which SVL has roots in, this is expected.

However, to achieve that kind of result in such a powerful cartridge, you have to do your job. The .408 recoil, on subjective sensations is perceived sharper than even that of the powerful .50 caliber. Of course, the recoil momentum .50 is bigger, but it is and more stretched in time, due to what is felt easier. However, Vlad Lobaev not going to change the proven CheyTac, believing it to be one of the best cartridges for shooting Ultra long range. And even later appeared .416 Barrett or .460 Steyr are not able to replace the “408”, which lets to SVLK-14S to hit human size target beyond two-kilometer range.

And in order to reduce felt recoil and make shooting process more comfortable for SVLK-14C, Lobaev Arms entered a new muzzle brake version, the efficiency of which is almost 1.7 times higher than that of previous models.

And, completing the review of the new top model Lobaev Arms, we can not ignore its match grade barrel made of stainless steel 416T by Lobaev Hummer Barrels. In contrast to the previously listed details of the new SVL has not been changed much; but the barrels available under this brand absorbed the entire expertise of the Lobaev company – the experience of “Tsar Cannon” and the first model of SVL of 2009, experience in the Tawazun Advanced Defense System, as well as all the improvements and know-hows that have been introduced at start of production Lobaev Arms in 2014. Now Lobaev Hummer Barrels – the highest level of quality product that is regularly confirmed by the medals that these barrels bring their owners.


Performance characteristics SVLK-14S:

Technical accuracy – 0.3 MOA/9 мм between centers (5 shots at 100 m)
Maximum Effective Range (tested) – 2300 m
Muzzle velocity – 900 m/s
Operating temperatures – -45/+65 C
Caliber – .408 Cheytac/.338LM/.300WM
Length– 1430 мм
Height – 175 мм
Width – 96 мм
Weight- 9 600 g
Barrel length – 780 мм
Trigger pull – adj. 50-1500 g
Bolt – right
Port – right
Magazine – none

Standard package:

Barrel contour – SHG
Barrel length – 780мм
Caliber – 408 Cheytac
Muzzle brake – T-Tuner
Flutes – 6
Bipods – none
Suppressor – none
NV/TV mount – Dedal OSB-1
Scope mount- STD

Denis Kovalkin exclusively for LOBAEV Arms.

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