DXL-3 — «long hand» for experienced shooter

Competition for confident shot at maximum range comes with the inception of sniping as an art of marksmanship. Technical progress and regular wars contribute to its growth, but of course, this process can not be called uniform. Breakthroughs happen and there are periods of calm. One of these periods came to the seventies of the twentieth century, and was associated with the fact that the most common sniper caliber  of  that time – .30 – exhausted its possibilities for development.

Created in 1963, the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge was the culmination of the .30 caliber development. It gave a sniper confident shooting opportunity at distances up to 1200 m, but it also showed that a further increase in range is possible only with an increase in caliber. And experts Finnish Lapua solved this problem by creating in 1987 the famous cartridge .338 Lapua Magnum. The new caliber moved long-range limits several meters further.

Of course, shooting at such a distance is possible for the best shooters, and only with the highest class weapons. Until recently, the Russian snipers could get into the elite club of “those who mile” only on import “invitation”, the choice for shooting at a maximum range of the 338 LM cartridge – 1 mile could only two models on the market offer: good old Erma SR-100 and AMP DSR- 1. Products of Accuracy International and  Sako provide a range of no more than 1200-1300 meters. New line of  Lobaev Arms rifles, long-range sniper rifle DXL-3, allows not to depend on foreign manufacturers anymore.

Comparing to other family sedans on the market DXL-3 looks like WRC bolid. And it performs exactly so.

DXL-3 – it is one of the new Lobaev Arms projects, only in May this year, embodied in an alloy of aluminum, steel and high-tech. The basis of this project was the idea of creating a rifle on an aluminum chassis with accuracy similar to performance of the best composite stock rifles. Assessing the results, we can safely say that the idea has been successful: the technical accuracy of the new rifle – less than 0.4 MOA. Due to what?

Base of DXL-3 is a new action called Duke, created on the basis of the King action – SVLK «heart». In comparison, the Duke was made as magazine one, but kept the main advantage of the parent – high rigidity. Duke action has an integrated recoil lug, but the Picatinny rail for mounting scopes has become removable,  with a base angle of 20 MOA. By the way, the letter D in the title refers to the rifle bolt action. A letter X – eXtrusion – belongs to the chassis, but rather, to the technology of its production.

DXL-3 bolt is made with three lugs. The angle of rotation required is 60 degrees. The trigger is regulated by three parameters, and the trigger pull can be adjusted in the range of 0.5 to 1.5 kg.

The action rests on a thick bedding compound layer. The purpose of this layer – effective vibration damping arising in the course of the shot. And, as can be seen from the above technical accuracy, with the task material compound cope perfectly well.

During firing load a rigid box, made in a single piece of extruded aluminum alloy, takes the load. Its strength was not achieved at the expense of weight characteristics – the key to a long and reliable service rifles in all operating conditions. Of course, the metal – not the most pleasant to the touch material in the winter cold or summer heat. Taking care of a shooter, Lobaev Arms has provided complete version of DXL-3 with light carbon fiber overlays.

Atop of aluminum chassis comes integrated Picatinny rail for mounting NV, thermal and other optical equipment. On bottom and sides of the forearm also installed small rails – for bipod and other tactical equipment. There is a separate assembly for mounting a Harris bipod.

As a base in the DXL-3 free-floating Match Lobaev Hummer Barrels with barrel length of 740 mm, with six flutes is used. Barrel material – Russian analog for stainless steel AISI 416. New muzzle brake crowns Lobaev barrel, original design T-Tuner. With that muzzlebrake recoil with such a powerful cartridge .338 LM feels weaker than that of the traditional .308 Winchester. That makes shooting DXL-3 comfortable and even pleasant.


Т-tuner v.2 makes 338 Lapua Magnum feeling like a BBgun

An interesting option is the other proposed Lobaev Arms muzzle brake – C-Tuner. It has a cylindrical shape and allows for fixing on the barrel at any selected angle to fine tune rifle accuracy.

DXL-3 has a foldable stock. This reduces the overall length of the rifle in a transport position from 1350 to 1076 mm. In this model Lobaev Arms applied butt stock with quick-lock equipped with a convenient button.



The shape of the butt-stock  designed for convenient and secure hold with your left hand. Spring-loaded cheek quickly and easily adjustable in height as much as possible in a natural way, without turning the adjustment screws. It is enough to release pressure and set it with own cheek at a comfortable height. Butt-stock plate, of course, is also adjustable. Picatinny rail at its lower edge allows you to install third leg or or special mount for use on a benchrest type pedestal.`

Performance characteristics DXL-3

Excellent action, a thick layer of bedding compound, rigid aluminum chassis and a high quality match barrel – all this in combination allows DXL-3 demonstrate outstanding performance in terms of accuracy and effective range:

  • Technical accuracy – 0.35 MOA (5-shot group at 100 m)
  • Maximum Effective Range (in .338LM) – 1600 m
  • Muzzle velocity (.338LM) – 900 m\s
  • Operational temperatures – from -45 to +65 C
  • Caliber — .338LM (option —.300WM)
  • Length (full / folded) – 1350 mm / 1076 mm
  • Weight — 7.2 kg (6.5 kg with 680 mm barrel)
  • Barrel length – 740 mm (option — 680 mm)
  • Trigger pull – adjustable 500..1500g
  • Bolt — right
  • Port – right
  • Magazine – 5 rds

But those are just the numbers. If we turn directly to the feeling of a person who has taken DXL-3, the key word here is one: “convenience”. Convenient butt-stock with the comfortable cheekpiece adjustment, user-friendly adjustable trigger, comfortable soft recoil, smooth running bolt – this rifle is able to please the most demanding shooter! Or become a reliable tool for a military sniper.


Stock shank and recognizable silhouette of Duke receiver – the heir to King, the action developed by Tsar-Cannon


A few words about the prospects DXL-3

Considering the potential use of DXL-3 in the first place is worth noting that the outstanding accuracy and long range fire effectively make it a good counter-sniping tool, both in situations of armed conflict, as well as for the protection of VIPs.

However, these characteristics rifle as sturdy aluminum chassis, high operating temperature range, folding stock, numerous attachment points for a variety of tactical gadgets makes it quite suitable for scout sniper.

Comfort and convenience of the shooting with DXL-3 combined with its accuracy and, most importantly, the stability of the results make this rifle attractive for enthusiasts long-range and accurate shooting, which number in Russia is growing every year.

In addition, the successful design of this new rifle Lobaev Arms, would probably make it the progenitor of a series of rifles on the aluminum chassis in the line of the company. The plans – to create a model DXL-4 under the powerful cartridge .408 CheyTac. How will this serious ammunition take design of  bedding compound layer and aluminum chassis, will it achieve the same parameters as in the classical scheme used in SVLK – the answer to this question Lobaev Arms expect to receive in the near future .

In the near future, and the lighter sister of DXL-3 – DXL-2 chambered for .308 Win and others on its boltface. The characteristics of the latter will be comparable to TSVL, but in the future may turn out more long-range due to the possibility of installing a longer barrel. So, summing up, we can safely write – the story line of rifles DXL is just beginning.

Details on DXL-3

Denis Kovalkin exclusively for LOBAEV Arms.

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