For those of you who don’t know, We  are in the preparation process to the сейчас new world record for a longest ever shot. Preliminary range is set as 3600 meters.  Previous  Russian record (3400meters) was beaten by American shooter (3475m). Now, it’s our turn. 

First video is supposed to cover weapons choice issues. We got two options to shoot new record: SVLK-14 “Twilight” и DXL-4 “Sevastopol”. Both in .408 Cheytac.

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First Lobaev Arms visit to Brabus happened to be organic. Sofisticated, but nice and stylish armored car G700 from Brabus next to Lobaev Arms SVLK-14 Twilight that is able to  hit something so precisely and from afar like nothing else.


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Video and photo session of Top Russian boxers & Lobaev Arms.
Credits to: Boxing Promotion Company «World of Boxing» and «QWEEX» Creative Association.
Personal thanks to Andrey Ryabinsky

Rifle: SVLK-14S 408 Cheytac

Range: 2405 yards

We were comparing felt recoil on new T-tuner 7-port version (T5.2) with new 4-port one (T6.1).

First with T5.2. (All videos have English subtitles – turn on).

Then with T6.1.

After transition there was a significant reduction of felt recoil. It felt shorter and softer. There was almost no change in POI, due to equal mass of both tuners.

It did go with no significant change of other ballistic characteristics.

All in all, shooting with the new tuner left really great feelings. Now, from shooting with 408CT you can have not only soul

Private gun manufacturers that can create high-quality, efficient and high-precision weapon systems without multimillion-dollar infusions of public money in Russia can be counted on your fingers. Even fewer of them companies that are able to produce weapons with well above average characteristics, not to mention truly outstanding examples.

Rifles, raised on a private arms manufacture by Lobaev family, which started as family operation somewhere in the Kaluga region has long been beyond the normal sniper weapons. As they say in such cases in Russia: “The firm does not breed the brooms”. Modern high-precision sniper systems «Lobaev Arms» no longer